Priesthood and Zion – Ages of the Patriarchs

This chart is the result of questions that I had about Enoch and Zion:

  1. How old was Enoch when the City of Zion was taken to heaven?
  2. Who were his contemporaries?
  3. Is it possible that other living patriarchs were caught up to Zion with Enoch?
  4. I read a claim somewhere years ago that the name Methuselah could mean “He dieth; He sendeth”, indicating that the floods came in the year that Methuselah died. Does the math work for that to be true?

The fact that all of the math works out is just one more testament to me that the scriptures are alive with truth.

Ages of the Patriarchs

Data gathered from The Pearl of Great Price (Moses), Doctrine and Covenants 107, and Genesis.


  • Moses 7:68 – The days of Zion were 365 (proves ZION established at birth of Methuselah, blessing by Adam)
  • Moses 8:1 – The days of Enoch were 430
  • Moses 7:16, 17 – The LORD dwells in Zion
  • Moses 7:21 – Zion taken up into heaven
  • Genesis 7:11 – Noah 600 years old at time of Flood
  • DC 107:41-57 – The ordinations
  • DC 107:53 – Adam-ondi-Ahman participants (Lamech not mentioned, but probably attended. May not have been a High Priest)
  • DC 107:54 – LORD appears at Adam-ondi-Ahman, and blesses Adam


There is no clear indication about the status of 5 patriarchs (Seth to Jared): Did they die natural deaths, or were they translated with Enoch?

Adam died as the LORD had promised.

The year that Methuselah died, the floods were sent.

* * *


Priesthood and Zion – Ages of the Patriarchs — 4 Comments

  1. that’s pretty cool. I love seeing stuff like that laid out. I spend a lot of time creating charts for myself. I’m going to check here first next time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this website. I read and study it every week though I don’t teach every week. Thanks for all the work you put into this. I’m terrible about charts and graphs.

  3. The days of Enoch were 430years in the Book of Moses(Book of Mormon). But in the Bible it states different at 365years. Can someone explain this difference?

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