Jacob 5 – The Allegory of The Olive Tree

Even though I am studying the Old Testament this year, this diagram is well worth sharing, especially since the themes of the Tree of Life and harvesting olive trees crop up (pun intended) occasionally in our reading. Not to mention (okay, I’m mentioning) we will eventually discuss the scattering of Israel by the Assyrians and Babylonians. Daniel and Esther are both examples of records written by captive Israelites.


The Scattering and Gathering of Israel



All of the key verses are in the diagram itself.


I realize that ripe olives are typically dark colors, and the “good fruit” would not normally be white. I personally like the purplish ones the best. But in the spirit of the Tree of Life which was said to have white fruit, I chose to represent the good fruit here as white olives, and the bad fruit / corrupt fruit with dark colors.


Jacob 5 – The Allegory of The Olive Tree — 2 Comments

  1. This diagram is amazing! I hope it is alright that I translate it into French for my lesson? Thank you so much for your work!! This is beautiful!

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