Old Testament Lineage Chart

Ever get confused as to who is related to who in the major stories of the book of Genesis? Maybe this will help.

Old Testament Lineage


  • Genesis chapter 5 – lineage
  • Genesis chapters 9-11 – lineage
  • Genesis 12:10-20 and Abraham 2:21-25 – Abraham is told by the Lord to tell the Egyptians that Sarai is his sister. When Abraham’s brother Haran died, according to custom, Abraham’s father Terah (as the patriarch of the family) would have been considered the adoptive father of Haran’s children. Sarai would have been considered both Abraham’s step-sister and his niece.


There are plenty other names that could be added, but this chart concentrates on the covenant line that pertains to Israel.

Definitions to help you understand the chart key:


Old Testament Lineage Chart — 6 Comments

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